Your Personal Photo Assistant.

Welcome to FotoTiger - the app that identifies & sorts your photos by faces, from the privacy of your mobile device. Browse your growing photo collection with a quick search through organized galleries of friends and family. Take new pictures and they will be tagged and sorted in FotoTiger when a face is recognized. Simple to browse, quick to share, privacy when you want it - FotoTiger is the modern scrapbook of the people who matter most in your life.

  • Save Time.

    FotoTiger will tag & sort faces for you, so you don't have to browse through thousands of your photos. The more tags you confirm, the better FotoTiger gets at recognizing the faces in your library.

  • Organize.

    Tagged people are added to albums of your personal contacts, helping you stay organized as your library grows. Quick searches will filter your photos so you can find the people who matter most.

  • Privacy.

    We value your privacy. FotoTiger works directly from your phone, no internet connection needed to tag and browse your photo collection. Read more about our privacy policy.

  • Share.

    Connect with the people who matter by sending tagged photos via text, e-mail, and social media.

A better way to sort your memories.

We have all browsed through thousands of photos on our mobile devices to find a few we want to show our friends and family. The search drives us crazy. The waiting drives them crazy. FotoTiger finds faces, tags them and sorts them - simple. Now you can find exactly what you're looking for and share at the tap of a finger.

  • Save time with automated tagging and sorting of your photo albums.
  • Get nostalgic with old photos; watch someone grow up in their own album.
  • Snap away. Don't worry about new photos - FotoTiger sorts in real-time.
  • Share with your family - they'll appreciate it!
  • Available for iOS and Android - smart phones & tablets.

FotoTiger Screenshots

A quick look at our app interface. The black menu bar is our Android version, blue menu is the new iOS version.

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